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  Principe of Dry Ice Cleaning
  The equipment is used as a high pressure cleaner, but works completely dry. Dry ice (CO2) is shaved in the ECO2CLEAN and blown with pressurized air on the dirt. This ice sublimes at impact (going from solid to gas, without passing through liquid phase).

There are 3 cleaning effects:
  • A superficial cold-effect (- 79 C)
  • A little mechanical impact
  • The volume increasing during the impact (700 x)
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  CO2 with additives
  Abrasives are mixed with CO2 in the SICO-distributor and together blown on the dirt.
  • The additives create holes in the dirt and the CO2 explodes in these holes.
  • Uses only 3 to 5 kg/h additives (no big dust cloud)
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